This work emerged from a reflection on the sense of fear of unfilled space. Emptiness is absence of content, unfilledness, exclusion. Emptiness is objective, its presence makes possible any change, movement. But to measure emptiness you need to understand where it fits. Is there a sound if there is no one who can hear it? Emptiness is the fear of losing one's consciousness, the ability to perceive. Fear of not being included, of being excluded from beingness. 

 "If there is no soul, there is no sense perception. And if there are no sense perceptions, then there are no sense objects, since their being is thought in relation to sense perceptions. And if there are no sensuous objects, then there is no sound, because it is some kind of sensually perceived object."
In front of you is an instrument with six contacts which, when pressed by the performer's fingers, produce different sounds and tones. The human body becomes part of the circuit and determines the range of possible sounds, so different people--or the same person at different times--can produce different results. The person enters into a tactile and aural dialogue with the instrument and his body."

Sextus Empiricus

I would like to express my gratitude for assistance and support in the creation of this work 

Andrei Smirnov, Kirill Savchenkov, Polina Kanis, Andrey Kachalyan.