Be what you seem to be



Cyanotype on glass
Stable Diffusion XL neural network
two-channel sound

Introduction of the main character
Character clash
Contradictions are resolved
Bottom line


An orderly visible world - as a necessary basis for realizing oneself in material space.  A clear sequence, a global idea - as a way to prove the existence of reality. 
Reality is a source of doubt. The conditionality of "perspective", which emerged during the early Renaissance, centers all meaning in the gaze of the protagonist. Between the eyes of the beholder and an unknown point in infinity there are lines converging into one "true" center of space. It is this image that is called reality. 
What if the world is invented by someone... Or the fantasy itself is the truth, perceived by the observer's gaze and accepted by the universe of human feelings.
Is it possible to delineate the boundary, to bring fiction into the existing reality?