Katya Yanova

The key themes of my artistic practice are related to issues of agency, problems of communication and the human impact of traumatic events. I work with long-term photographic projects, combining with installation form, sculpture, performative video and sound. I am interested in the image of the contemporary person experiencing emotional instability, transitional states between stages of personal and social development. Using and rethinking my lived experience, exploring the elements of my personal archive, as if being an indicator, I emphasize the problems and crises of my generation.





2021-2024 Rodchenko Art School

2020-2021 Docdocdoc "Experience of contemporary photography"

2019-2020 Rodchenko Art School "Photography in Media"

2016-2018 Polezreniya "Contemporary Photography. Practice of visual research"

2008-2014 LGU, design






2023 I will avenge the world with love / "Fill in the line" / "I you" / Moscow

2023 I Don't Know How To Respond To That/ collective show,  PhMuseum / «Fill Line» / Bologna

2023 Chambers. Kuban/Lacuna/ Moscow

2022 neuyat/III. Three-headed whale/ Tashkent

2022 Excesses/"Lacuna"/ Moscow

2022 Observation procedure/ Fill Line/ Moscow

2022 Videoskin/What do you want to find here?/ Moscow

2022 We are forgotten at night / Lacuna/ Stary Oskol

2022 I (don't) want to grow up/  Moscow

2022 Layer on/ They say that the Universe always sounds, but we don't hear it, because we are born in it / Moscow

2021 Charta Festival  / Rome

2021 Inspirational Photography / group exhibition OBSESSIONS / Galerie Tête - Berlin

2021 Personal exhibition/ Micro-movements/ Moscow

2019 Young Photographers / Gray Lights / Kaluga



2021 UDAR in Borovsk Prison Castle | Borovsk


2024 Badlon/ Fill line

2023 thezonezine/ Fill line

2022 phmuseum/ Fill line

2022 Interview Sola Journal/ Lacuna

2022  grandmamasmag/ Lacuna

2022  Wulmagazine/ III. Three-headed whale

2022  Fisheye Magazine.fr/  Lacuna ou les écarts du langage

2022 pep.photograph/ III. Three-headed whale

2022 grandmamasmag/ Micro-movements

2022 thezonezine.com/ Lacuna

2022  discardedmagazine

2021 Calvert journal / The Skin I Live In. Micro-movements 

2021  phroomplatform/ Micro-movements


2021 С41/ Micro-movements

2021 pluralmag.digital/ revision

2021  Wulmagazine/ Micro-movements

2020 International Photography Grant / TALENT OF THE YEAR - NOMINATE / Lacuna

2020  Wonderzine / Glass people 


2021 Dammy/ III. Трехголовый кит

2021 Zin/ Micro-movements

2020 Zin/  Lacuna

2020 Zin/ Your diary




2022 Resident Photo Department.Gallery

2022 Theblueprint-100-fotografia

2022 What to do?/sound artist/ Moscow

2022 HSE CREATIVE OPEN/ Shortlist of finalists/ III. Three-headed whale
2020 Untitled Dummy Award/ Presentation of the zin "Your Diary"